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The wait long innovative pursuit – to be in offense or defense

August 7, 2010

It just happened that today, yours truly was supposed to meet a prospect, for vendor/partner/investor/alliance, coming from pune. Trust, it was a bad experience. Waiting, at Central Library, trying to connect to internet, with suffocating ambience’s.


The agenda was to wait for the prospect to come to vashi, and then leave from Powai to Vashi, meet up, and come back.

Thanks to the weather, and the prospect, he arrived at 5.15 (as told), to vashi, and said, please come down.

Now how could you imagine an individual travelling at 1.00 from home, and waiting till 5.15, then drive from at least 2 hrs and meet someone.

But in the process learned one thing.
The IIT is a machine, which turns geniuses and how. Its the environment, the treatment, the expanse, and the attitude thats given to them. And surely none in education course, syllabi’s or so.
Everyone is ‘involved’, ‘committed’ to make excellence, part of life. It is this attitude, that turns them what they are, in all walks of life.

Rest assured, Entrepreneurs, need to digest this. 🙂